#Current report 76/2018

Current report no. 76/2018 (17.09.2018)


Summary of the issue of S series shares by way of a private subscription

Legal basis:

Art. 56 sec. 1 point 2 of the Act on Public Offering – current and periodical information


1. S series shares were acquired through a private subscription which did not require drawing up the prospectus.The Management Board of URSUS S.A. hereby provides information summarizing the private subscription of S series ordinary bearer shares, the issue of which was carried out in accordance with the Resolution no. 6/2018 of the Extraordinary General Meeting URSUS S.A. dated the 31st August 2018.

2. S series shares will be subject of the application for their admission to trading in the regulated market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

3. S series shares private subscription opening and closing date:

a) opening date: 31 August 2018

b) closing date: 6 September 2018

4. Number of S series shares subject to private subscription: not less than 1 share and not more than 5.918.000 shares, of the nominal value 1 PLN per share.

5. Reduction rate: due to the nature of subscription, the reduction did not occur.

6. Number of S series shares, which were offered within the private subscription:: 5.918.000 shares.

7. Number of shares acquired within the private subscription: 5.420.000 shares.

8. Price at which S series shares were acquired: 2,50 PLN per share.

9. Number of entities to whom the offer of S series shares acquisition by way of private subscription was addressed: 7

10. Number of entities who acquired S series shares by way of private subscription: 7

11. Due to the nature of the issue and the share capital increase, the Issuer did not conclude any underwriting agreement.

12. Date of allocation of shares: due to the nature of subscription, allocation did not occur: shares purchase agreements were concluded from the 31 August 2018 till the 6 September 2018.

13. Total value of the conducted subscription, corresponding to the product of multiplying the number of S series shares offered and their issue price: 13.550.000 PLN.

14.Total costs included in the costs of issue amounted to 49.200,00 PLN, of which:

a) preparation and implementation of the offer: 49.200,00 PLN

b) underwriters’ fees, separately for each one: not applicable

c) drawing up the prospectus, including consultancy costs: not applicable

d) promotion of the offer: not applicable

Due to the fact that the final cost of the issue has not been made yet, the amount of the costs of the issue was estimated and included in the costs of the issue in accordance with the best knowledge more detailed data will be presented in the annual financial statement for the year 2018. The total amount of costs related to the issue of S series shares will be booked to the accounts and recognized in the balance sheet as revaluation of the surplus of the share issue value over its nominal value, i.e. it will reduce the supplementary capital of the Company.

15. Average cost of private subscription per S series share: 9,08 PLN.

16. Form of payment for acquisition of securities:

S series shares have been acquired only for cash contributions.

Legal basis: § 16 of Regulation of the Minister of Finance dated 29 March 2018 regarding current and interim reports published by issuers of securities and the terms of finding as equivalent the information required under the laws of any non-member state.

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