The mower-shredder is intended for mowing and shredding wastelands, mowing uneaten grass on pastures, maintaining interrows in orchards, shredding post-harvest residuals, initial preparation of soil for crops and other similar jobs. The mower-
-shredder is three-point hitch mounted and it is powered by 540 rpm PTO.


Mower - shredder has many possible applications for your farm. Depending on the needs, it can be used for cutting and grinding green wastelands, cutting pastures, maintaining inter-rows in orchards, shredding crop residues, preparing fields for cultivation and other such works. It is a machine that hangs on the three-point tractor's suspension system. Noteworthy is the system of movable knives that hide on contact with a difficult surface to avoid damage.


For your convenience, the mower-shredder is equipped with skids that allow you to adjust the height, which allows it to cut in 4 positions.

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