Ursus C-3110 HL. A new player in the class

Ursus C-3110 HL is a 110kM machine. In addition to the functionality and ergonomics that characterize this variant of Ursus, it attracts attention with its unique design and elegant engine hood. It is a tractor with a wide range of applications, designed to meet the needs of a modern Polish farmer. Decide yourself if it will match your requirements!

ciągnik rolniczy URSUS C-3110 HL

Ideal for applications in orcharding, agriculture and municipal economy. High quality standard equipment and a wide range of options make this tractor optimal in adaptation to individual requirements.

  • Perkins EU IIIB engine
  • 24 x 24 gearbox with synhroshuttle,
  • Hi-Lo powershift and creeper
  • 4400 kg lift capacity
  • 4-post cabin with sunroof for excellent


The tractor is powered by turbocharged Perkins 1104D EU IIIA with 3400cc cooler and 110kM. The two-stage dry air filter used in the engine with a pollution sensor ensures the correct operation of the unit. In Ursus 3110 HL we used a transmission with 24 ratios with two halves and a simple clutch reverse. Consequently, the HL model has a dry, single-disc clutch.


The hydraulic lift used in the model has a lifting capacity of 4400kg with power regulation, positional and response speed with EHR as standard, which makes them universal and functional. The machine has a Category II three-point linkage. With many additional options, you can customize the tractor to your individual needs. In the extensive optional equipment, you will find additional three-point linkage, front three-point linkage, front and rear weights, three-split external hydraulic manifold (6 quick couplers), wider tires and much more. Your Ursus is to be the way you want it.


Functionality is one thing, but in the 21st century, comfort and style matters as well. A four-post cabin with a hinged roof allows full control of what is happening around the engine and, as a result, makes the work safe and comfortable. The ergonomic design of the cab guarantees safe and comfortable operation of the tractor. In the base, both machines have heated sprinklers and front and rear wipers, a set of headlights. Optionally, for your convenience, you can equip your Ursus with a rooster and air conditioning.

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