A small and clever partner on every farm - small footprint, low tare weight reduces the time spent on maneuvers - which directly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of work. The very small turning radius (56 degree steering angle) ensures unmatched maneuverability thanks to the front axle with the angle gear. Two types of transmission: 3-stage hydrostatic. Synchronized mechanical Low weight, enabling efficient use of tractors in a wide range of municipal, orchard and gardening works.


In Western Europe, there is a trend towards the increased use of small, compact tractors. They are perfect for, for example, people with small farms, plots outside of the city. They need such tractors for light work, which we do not call "traditional agriculture". This segment of tractors can be called the "hobby" segment, but it is not the only purpose of these small but hard-working tractors. These types of machines are also successfully used in horse studs, small orchards but also in large farms - where they spend most of their life working in farm buildings, where their larger brothers would have serious maneuvering problems or would not fit in the entrance gates.

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