Ursus C-380. Return of the legend

The classic tractor models signed with the letter C were and are the pride of the Polish industry. As a tribute to the history of the brand, Ursus returns to the glorious tradition of this naming. The new Ursus C-380 is a tractor with a wide range of applications. The extensive standard equipment makes this machine suitable for both agricultural and transport work as well as municipal and auxiliary. With all its possibilities, the C-380 is both economical and environmentally friendly - it complies with the Euro IIIA emission standard. The tractor is a response to the expectations of a 21st century farmer. Thanks to cooperation with world leaders in the production of subassemblies for agricultural machinery, we are sure that it will meet the requirements of our customers. The highest quality of our flagship machine has been confirmed by the award of the "Teraz Polska" emblem. The legend comes back in style!

ciągnik rolniczy  URSUS C-380

The C-380 is a universal tractor that thanks to the extensive standard equipment and a wide range of options can be used as an agricultural, transport, municipal or auxiliary. The tractor has an economical, durable, unstoppable Perkins engine and a comfortable, optimally selected 12x12 gearbox with mechanical reverse.

  • Perkins EU IIIB engine
  • 12 x 12 gearbox with synchroshuttle,
  • 2650 kg lift capacity,
  • 4-post cabin with sunroof for excellent visibility


The universal Ursus C-380 is powered by a 75-horsepower, 4-cylinder Perkins engine. It is a durable and undefined unit that is characterized by high labor economy. What's more, its constructors focused on simplicity: the ordinary injection pump replaced the common rail, thanks to which the tractor is trouble-free and durable. The 12x12 gearbox used in the Ursus C-380 with a mechanical reverse perfectly harmonizes with the engine and guarantees the user exceptional operating comfort. In Ursus C-380, we decided to use the transmission system of the Italian Carraro company, thanks to which we are sure that we give our customers a reliable machine, ready to face any challenge. Different types of wheels allow you to customize the tractor for multiple jobs.


Ursus C-380 is characterized by exceptionally rich standard equipment. It's unique, considering its very affordable price and financing options. The rear three-point linkage equipped with the machine has a lifting capacity of 2,650 kg, which is an impressive result considering the weight of the tractor itself. In addition, the C-380 has 4 rear hydraulic connectors and an installation of pneumatic trailer brakes, one and two-circuit. The standard upper transport hitch, which is factory-fitted in this model, will be invaluable in transport work. The whole can be completed with a set of front and rear weights, which are offered optionally.


When designing tractors from the C series, we have made every effort to ensure that they are not only functional, but also comfortable and aesthetic. Design at the highest, world-class level and extensive tractor equipment guarantee jealous glances from the neighbors. A four-post cabin with a hinged roof allows full control of what is happening around the engine and, consequently, guarantees safe work. The Ursus C-380 impresses with an ergonomic mask that gives the machine a modern, predatory look.

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