Ursus City Smile 8.5

The bus was created by AMZ Kutno for the INNOTECH II program. The main assumption of the project was to create an electric bus with small dimensions. Its size matters - City Smile is to be used in crowded cities, full of narrow streets and tight corners.


The vehicle was designed for medium and smaller carriers, who care about modern solutions at a reasonable price. In the vehicle, we used a synchronized, 9-phase water-cooled engine, and a power output of 155kW. Charging the bus takes 6 to 8 hours. After this time, he is able to drive about 150 km depending on the conditions on the road. City Smile stands out with a modern, warm design (not without a reason called Smile) and takes 60 passengers on board. After a series of demo shows across Poland, the bus is now available for sale.

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