URSUS N-218/A1

The N-218/A1 spreader is intended to spreading manure, peat and compost. After removing the adapter and installing the rear side it can also be used to transport agricultural produce. It cooperate with tractors equipped with lower transport hitch. Floor conveyor drive of the machine is mechanical and it can also be hydraulic. The N-218/A1 spreader is fully adapted to the transport on public roads - it has pneumatic braking and lighting system.

  • perfect for small and medium farms
  • vertical adapter considerably reduces the number of runs
  • excellent shredding of spread material


The choice of manure spreader N-218 is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized farms. They cooperate with tractors equipped with a lower hitch type transport hitch and are designed for spreading manure, peat and compost. Good quality of the material being scattered, and the vertical adapter we used in them, significantly reduces the number of trips thanks to which your work is more efficient.


The N-218 spreaders are fully adapted to transport on public roads - they have a pneumatic braking system and electrical installation. But it is not everything! In order to extend the suitability of all three devices, after removing the adapter and mounting that is fitted to the rear side, they can also be used to transport agricultural products on non-public roads.

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