Snow plows are a durable construction. Possibility to choose for different widths of snow removal. Suited to tractors with power from 30 to 120 HP.

  • robust design
  • various widths of snow
  • design that fits different types of tractors


A characteristic feature of the structure are movable mouldboards with variable geometry, enabling smooth setting the plow through hydraulic actuators (within ± 30 °), depending on the nature of the work. Properly shaped mouldboards and rubber share prevent the snow throwing onto the window of the vehicle and ensure the safety of the driver. The rubber shares are flexibile and durable at low temperatures. Springs suspended tipping shares provide trouble-free and secure overcoming obstacles on the road.

Aditional equipment to fit the plow is required:

1. Front 3-point hitch (2t)

2. Joystic controlled electro-hydraulic valve

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