Platform B-11

B-11 to B-21 platforms have a innovative security of front and rear wall. To this end two cables inside the trailer were applied to keep the walls in the position. The highresistant steel floor consists of a one single piece only. The options includ: 45l toolbox, foldable side protections made of aluminum and stakes.


An innovative solution is the possibility of using it as a transport trailer for transporting timber or as a transport platform, despite its nominal use for transporting straw bales strictly. Another novelty is the special protection of the front and rear walls (both are folded!). The structure uses two ropes inside the trailer to protect against damage to the wrapping film bales. The floor, made of one sheet, is made of high-quality, hard-wearing 3mm steel (Optim 700MC). The platform's capacity is about 40 large cubes or 34 bales. For greater safety, we equipped the B-14 with a two-circuit braking system with automatic braking force regulation and parabolic leaf springs. The rear bumper is made of aluminum profiles. As standard, you get wheel chocks and LED lighting from us. Optionally, you can choose stanchions for your platform, a 45l toolbox, aluminum side covers and hydraulic brakes.

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