URSUS C-3110

Ursus C-3110. Universal tractor for years

Ursus C-3110 is a tractor with a wide range of applications. Ideally suited to agriculture, horticulture, in transport and municipal work. As in the other machines in the C series, in this case the functionality goes hand in hand with the power and sensational design. All this so that you can work comfortably, efficiently and in addition enjoy the aesthetics of your tractor. The components used in Ursus C-3110 come from world leaders in their industries, thanks to which we can be sure that we put a durable, powerful and reliable tractor in your hands.

ciągnik rolniczy URSUS C-350

Ideal for applications in orcharding, agriculture and municipal economy. High quality standard equipment and a wide range of options make this tractor optimal in adaptation to individual requirements.

  • PERKINS EU IIIA engine
  • 24 x 24 gearbox with synhroshuttle and creeper
  • 4400 kg lift capacity
  • EHR in standard equipment
  • 4-post cabin with sunroof for excellent visibility


The heart of this machine is a 4-cylinder, Perkins 1104D EU IIIA turbocharged with an air cooler with a capacity of 4400cm3 and a power of 110kM. In the C-3110 we used a transmission with 24 ratios with synchronized reverse and creeper gears. The transmission also consists of a double-disc dry clutch with independent PTO control. The rear drive axle has planetary gearboxes and electrohydraulic differential locks, while the front drive axle is electrohydraulically activated and is also characterized by planetary jacks. The tractor has a maximum speed of 40km / h.


The hydraulic lift on the C-3110 model has a lifting capacity of 4400kg with power, positional and response speed regulation, with EHR as standard, thanks to which it is functional and will find a range of applications adequately to your needs. You can freely choose from a wide range of optional equipment: additional three-point linkage, front three-point linkage, front and rear weights, three-split external hydraulic manifold (6 quick couplers), PTO 540 / 540E, wider tires are just some of the possible additions to your Ursus C-3110.


Functionality is one thing, but in the 21st century, comfort and style matters as well. The tractor impresses with its design and colors. A four-post heated cabin with a hinged roof has been designed with the principles of ergonomics: everything in it is in its place, clear and functional. The design of the cabin guarantees safe and comfortable operation of the tractor. Optionally, for your convenience, you can equip your Ursus with a rooster and air conditioning.

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