Ursus C-395 POWER. Polish power in a compact form

Ursus C-395 POWER is a twin brother of the C-382. The extensive standard equipment makes the machine suitable for both agricultural and transport work as well as municipal and auxiliary. The engine, gearbox, rear and front drive axle changed in relation to its original. The maximum speed remained unchanged, however the Ursus C-395 POWER has a more powerful lift. This is a top machine that meets the expectations of even the most demanding Users. Polish power in a compact edition and a reasonable price can be yours!

ciągnik rolniczy  URSUS C-382

  • Perkins EU IIIB engine,
  • 24x12 with powershuttle , Hi-LO powershift and creeper
  • up to 3600 kg lift capacity
  • 4-post cabin with sunrooffor excellent visibility


The heart of the Ursus C-395 POWER is a Perkins 854E-E34TA four-cylinder engine meeting the Stage IIIB standard. The turbocharged unit with an air cooler completes the 24x12 Carraro with Powershuttle (ie reverse on demand while maintaining the current speed) and Power Shift as well as creeper speeds. Different types of wheels allow you to customize the tractor for multiple jobs.


The Ursus C-395 POWER, like the majority of tractors from the C family, is distinguished by its rich standard equipment. The rear three-point linkage equipped with the machine has a lifting capacity of 4000 kg, which allows a wide range of applications. Similarly to the Ursus C-382 model, in the machine we used a two-section distributor (as standard), which optionally can have three sections and additionally two more in the front. Ursus C-395 POWER is equipped as standard with an eye and front transport hook. The whole is complemented by a set of front and rear weights, which are also offered as standard.


When designing tractors from the C series, we have made every effort to ensure that they are not only functional, but also comfortable and aesthetic. Interesting design attracts attention from a distance. A four-post cabin with a hinged roof allows full control of what is happening around the engine and, consequently, guarantees safe work. The ergonomic cab design makes the operation simple and comfortable. In Ursus C-395 POWER impresses the predatory mask line, which gives the machine a modern look. As standard, the C-385 Power is equipped with heating, sprinklers and wipers, both front and rear, as well as a set of worklights.

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