The D-610, D-612, D-614 two-axle agricultural trailers are intended for transporting agricultural produce. Sideboards and backside with centrally controlled opening/closing system ensure quick unloading. Adjustable gate in the backside makes it possible to control the flow of loose materials. The 2,4 m width of the loading platform allows them to be successfully used for transporing of euro-pallets. The trailers are provided with the rear hitch and couplings for attaching the second trailer. Upon request, they can be provided with a frame and canvas. The trailers are fully adapted to use on public roads with the speed of 40 km/h. Their solid design guarantees failure-free operation for many years.

  • light reliable design
  • suspension- parabolic spring type
  • speed of up to 40 km/h
  • possibility of coupling additionaldouble-axle trailer
  • central opening and closing of sides
  • width to fit two europalettes


Our new two-axle trailers are characterized by a compact and durable construction and are easy to use devices. Their purpose is to transport agricultural products, both on public roads and on the farm, but not only. While maintaining the requirements included in the instruction manual, it is also acceptable to transport construction materials and mineral fertilizers. Three-sided tipping and central opening (and closing) of the sides allow for quick and convenient unloading of materials. The load box allows you to use our trailers for transporting europallets (they have 2 rows). Ursus trailers are characterized by a solid construction that guarantees trouble-free operation for many years.


We give our customers a very wide range of trailers (various overall dimensions, payloads), so that everyone can adjust their parameters to individual needs. On request, your trailer can also be equipped with a tarpaulin frame, LED lighting and many more.

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