The Z-543/A round balers are intended for baling straw material (up to 25% moisture) from 1900 mm wide windrows and dry off green fodder (up to 40-60% moisture) intended for hay silage. The material is rolled into bales of 1200 mm diameter. Bales made by Z-543/A baler are bound with string or with a net. Z-543/A balers can be equipped with acoustic and light indicators signaling filling up of a chamber. The round balers are fully suited for road transport.


Thinking about demanding users, we have created a reliable Z-543 / A chain press that is fully compatible with both Ursus tractors and competitors vehicles. It is a machine that is characterized by high efficiency. The press can be used for harvesting dried green fodder with a moisture content of 40 to 60% for haylage, and for straw materials with a moisture content of up to 25%.


For your convenience, the press has been standard equipped with a mechanism for binding the material to the bale. Safety and comfort are enhanced by the optional use of acousto-light signaling in the press, chamber filling and a mechanism for tying with a string. With additional options it is also worth paying attention to the central chain lubrication system. The press is fully adapted to moving on public roads. Thanks to a simple and proven design, our products guarantee trouble-free operation in the toughest conditions.

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