04 - 10 - 2018

URSUS supports the mission of the Marian Fathers in Cameroon

Cameroon is located in Central-West Africa. The state has about 18 million inhabitants from several different tribes. The Marians have been present in Cameroon since 1999. They came with a mission at the invitation of Fr. Bishop. Jan Ozga. In addition to pastoral activities, the mission conducts charitable activities: it helps the sick and cripple, and also supports the education of the poorest children and young people.

Thanks to the agreement with Krzysztof Pazio, URSUS company decided to support the daily work of residents, handing the URSUS 3512 tractor with 50 hp, URSUS T-040 trailer with a load capacity of 3.5t and disk plow and mower trimmer. Below you can see a photo gallery straight from Cameroon, sent by the father Krzysztof.