21 - 08 - 2018

Congressmen with a visit to URSUS S.A.

On Monday, August 20, we welcomed at the headquarters of POL-MOT Holding S.A. a group of congressmen and senators from the United States who came to Poland for the celebrations of Poland regaining its independence (100th anniversary). A visit to the Warsaw headquarters of our company was connected with the role of the URSUS (a POL-MOT Holding S.A. subsidiary), which our company played during the decades of the struggle for independence of our country. The meeting was attended by Zbigniew Janas, the legend of the Solidarity in the URSUS plants, wanted by a state warrant after the introduction of the Martial Law in 1981. Mr. Janas is also the current Member of the Supervisory Board of URSUS S.A.

Our guests listened to a long story about the beginnings of the URSUS company in 1893, as well as its fate at the moment of regaining independence in 1918 up to the present day. Congressmen and Senators who visited our company today represented Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Michigan, Washington, Louisiana and Iowa. URSUS is a brand known in the United States, where - from the 80s of the twentieth century, our tractors were imported and sold.